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British Cruisers

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2 hours ago, Sir_Feather said:

British cruisers actually had HE shells during testing phase. But due to how effective HE spamming from inside the smoke could be, WG removed their HE shells except on Belfast because nerfing a premium ship is a bad stunt. This is the whole video about it.


Yes we have Smolensk now. But Smolensk was released when balance does no longer exist.

The smoke screen also broken back then.

Smoke camping meta, when smoke firing penalty is not a thing

Garbage Fire prevention skill and stealh firing


hey, it sound back then is more shitty time doesnt it ?

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7 minutes ago, Bex_o7 said:

Wait a second there...

Are you implying there's some kind of.... bias?

who me? Noooooo, I wouldnt do such a thing! lol

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37 minutes ago, humusz said:


You could melt other cruiser with IFHE.

infact you can out dpm and duel almost every cruiser and come out winning. except versus Supercruiser that will overmatch every part of smolensk


hindy is like eaten alive by Russian smol boat. its AP cant pen when angled, and hindy HE dpm is shit. while smolensk deal 3-4k every 4 seconds - and hindy shave same amount of HP every 10s lol

Smolensk has 30-mm midsection hull plating which makes her extremely trollish against many large-calibre AP shells.

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