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warships today

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no, not statistic web

it's about how today warship are operate


these day, everything is center around aircraft carrier

vast array of radar and sonar, high tech weaponry attack&defend system

it's range is go beyond horizon of the seas.

it made me think.... if we were to make modern warship game... we ought to use world map! (unless we trap in some alien barrier dome)


anyway, these two give a decent insight how modern day Navy are operate, fun to watch.


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No battleships.

Limited cruisers.

Plenty of DDs.

Subs incoming.

And most importantly: AIR PAWAA!!

The Return of RTS CV. 

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Well, the future trend seems to point that Super Carriers might not as dominant as today.

Trend of Future Cruise missile seems to point Hypersonic Boost Glide Vehicle as the next Anti Ship long range balistic missile. US have waverider, Russian have Avangard and If you watch Chinese 70th year Aniversary they also introduced DF-ZF. the Trend of proliferation Intermedite Range Missile seems to indicate further by US withdrawal from INF treaty. Intermedite missile have 1500-5500 km range, which almost triple the combat radius of Carrier based aircraft.

As deploying supercarier against First world power increasingly risky, Maybe warship "tomorow" prob be dominate by surface combatant once again

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