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ST, Black Friday, Sansonetti's personalizations and skills, Regia Marina emblems

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4 new ships will be added: Sims B, Scharnhorst B, Alaska B, and Graf Zeppelin B. These ships are identical to their originals in both gameplay and economics, with the only difference being the color scheme of their permanent camouflages.


Italian Commander Luigi Sansonetti will have special personalizations, just as other unique historical commanders do: a broad pennant, colored shell tracers, and a signal flare launched when the commander's talents are activated. 


Besides that, in addition to the talents, Sansonetti will have two improved skills:

  • Expert Loader will reduce the time taken to switch shell type by 75% instead of the regular 50%;
  • Torpedo Acceleration will increase the speed of torpedoes by 7 knots instead of 5. Torpedo range reduction remains the same at 20%. 

Italian emblems will be added in Update 0.8.10. They will be received in the same way as the emblems of other nations: winning a set number of battles while being one of the top XP earners on your team.


Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.

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