Would like to request WG team to make WOWS (and WOT) run natively on Linux. Especially on Ubuntu, Mint, KDE Neon and Zorin (Debian Based), Manjaro (Arch Based), Fedora (Red Hat Based), and openSUSE (openSUSE Based). Solus OS (Independent) is relatively new but it is quite popular linux distribution. Supporting this OS is optional, but recommend due to popularity and popular among some gamers. Steam OS is a debian based linux. Some users would want to move away from M$ Windows because of privacy issue (data collection), forced updates, and poor quality check and tests on their updates, users end up with a broken machine. It would also open WG to new clients who wants to play WG games but dose not want to use or go back to M$ Windows. Users could play WG games in linux, but only limited games since users will need to use a compatibility program to run the game. Sometimes it does not work right if one step was not followed correctly. It would be nice for WG games to run and update in Linux directly (without compatibility software or programs). Thanks