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On Elite XP

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Hi Wargaming,

In the almost two years of playing this game, I have accumulated over 17 million Elite XP which would cost me close to 700k of doubloons to convert to Free XP.  Unsurprisingly, I still have that much of un-converted Elite XP. The greater majority of my purchases were for permanent camo instead and mostly for tier X ships. So I would like to make suggestions in the same spirit as the creation of the Research Bureau to entice veteran players to spend this often overlooked and much hoarded resource into income for you guys that would otherwise remain uncollected because most if not all veteran players would rather play for Free XP than pay for it. 

Suggestion #1: Create a coupon that gives a 50% discount on doubloons required for converting Elite XP to Free XP but is only applicable when converting 250,000 or more Elite XP. Also make this coupon renewable every six months. Spending 5k doubloons like this would be very enticing for veteran players like me and make re-grinding for research points less painful.

Suggestion #2:  Create a coupon that allows converting Elite XP into credits at a ratio of 1:2 but only applicable for converting blocks of 5 million Elite XP per coupon. Make this coupon renewable every six months but with an option to purchase additional coupons with doubloons. This will ease the pain of re-grinding by recovering credits lost from selling ships and modules at half-price.


For your consideration. 😃

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