So I played 6 matches in my Hindenbruh using only AP shells. The point of this so-called 'challenge' is to see if German 203 mm AP is any good. Didn't disappoint, didn't impress either. I played 6 matches with my Hindenburg using only AP shells, but forgot to take a screenshot of the 3rd one, so there are 5 screenshots.   The results:   In all of these matches, I could easily reached at least 15% more damage using HE shells alone, before counting fire damage. While the HE do have low alpha damage, the 1/4 penetration makes up for that disadvantage by providing more chance for full penetrations. I don't know about you captains, but I feel like German 203 mm AP shells are excellently average. They have exactly one advantage over other 203 mm AP shells: high damage, and that's it. To properly do damage, I have to aim at the superstructure of virtually any ship I encounter, unless it's a broadsiding 'normal' cruiser (as in, not super cruisers). I feel like if I do this with my Salem (AP only) I would do proportionally better, since US AP shells have better Krupp and autobounce angle.   Side note: if you have the legendary module for Hindenburg, use it. Concealment is not an issue when you can weave the heck out of almost any salvo or torpedo spread. My Hinden now has a fire duration of ~11 seconds. Other effects include flooding time gets reduced by 70% and main battery repair time 50%. I was really skeptical of it at first, but when I use it, it's a feelsgoodman experience  Haven't gotten the one for GK yet, but the turret traverse speed reduction makes me REALLY skeptical.   Have you ever tried something like 5-10 matches in a Japanese/French/US CA using only AP shells for science? What is your experience and opinion?    Other challenges in the name of masochism science: + Revisiting and gitting gud in Graf Spee (dear me), Nurnberg, Maass and the oddball Z-23. + 5 matches AP-only Z-46. Well WG DID advertise German DD's AP shells.