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Kill Max: Volume 3 - The Revenge of Max

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I know.

I know.

It's "only coop".

And I wasn't just in a US DD, it was Kidd.

And I had DFAA.

And its a 19 point captain.

Still satisfying.

You picked a bad day to sic your Hipper, Amagi and Kaga soley on me, Evil Bot Overmind.

Even when many easier targets were nearby, I was soley focused by three EBO minions.




World of Warships Screenshot 2019.09.23 -

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Over the past week, I have run almost every ship I own through co-op, and I have come to the conclusion: 4/5 DDs are best boats for co-op.

BBs are too slow, both moving and firing, allies often clean up everything before you get into position.

CAs and CLs just don’t have armour and HP when targeted by multiple enemies. Their concealment also means they will likely be spotted and targeted first. CLs are also challenged when they don’t have the beat angle.

CVs... Nope.

DDs best boat. Can gun down other DDs, hide in smoke for enemies to get closer, then point blank torp while guns are turning.

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