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PSA: Sound Setup Guide

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Commanders, Update, which fixes sound problems, was installed on the game servers. Unfortunately, some players are still having trouble adjusting the sound in our game.

Therefore, we decided to share with you a quick guide to setting up your sound settings:

Step 1: Set all volume sliders to the maximum level. 


Step 2: The main volume sliders are located on the left side of the Audio settings window. You should start adjusting these settings only after completing the previous step. Main volume sliders include:

  • General volume level - manages all sound in the game;
  • SFX volume - manages all sounds except music and voice messages. 


Step 3: There are several sliders on the right side of the Audio settings window for "fine-tuning" the sound:

  • Gunfire volume - in the range from 100% to 50% adjusts the volume of your ship's shots, and in the range from 50% to 0% adjusts the volume of all shots in the game. This slider also adjusts the hit volume;
  • Engine sounds - in the range of 100% to 80% regulates the volume of "low-frequency knocking" in the engine sound. In the range of 80% to 0% adjusts the overall volume of the engines. 


Please note: if the volume level is reduced to a minimum, it is possible that a category of sound will be muted because very quiet sounds are not a priority for the game sound system.

We also advise you to pay attention to the "Wide dynamic range" checkbox on the left-hand side of the audio settings screen. This option is enabled for all players by default. Turning it off will minimize the difference in volume between the loudest and the quietest sounds in the game.  

We recommend you disable this setting in the following cases:

  • If you are using a laptop or other device with built-in speakers;
  • If you don't think the sound in the game is balanced enough, even after "fine-tuning" the volume.

When disabling this option, be sure to set the sliders on the right side of the settings menu to maximum volume.

We'll continue to keep an eye on the sound in our game and hope these simple tips will help you to optimize in-game sounds.

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