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Submarines Beta Testing - Feedback

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Hello Captains,

We remind you that the submarines are currently in Beta testing and everything you will see is preliminary and subject to change. 

As the pool of players who want to join the test is pretty large, we want to ensure that the test server is loaded evenly. To achieve that, we're going to distribute the first batch of invitations among a random slice of players. New invitations will be sent out during the test so as to make the Beta Test accessible to all players who wish to participate. Don’t worry If you don't find yourself in the first wave of Beta Test participants. As the test goes on, we'll be sending out more and more invitations so that every player who wishes to can eventually join the Beta Test!

At this stage we invite you to check and evaluate the current concept of the game both in and against submarines. During testing, you may encounter bugs, some of which could disrupt play or cause frustration.  

Therefore, we firstly ask you to remain patient, and secondly, provide feedback through the survey or in this feedback thread. 

As part of the beta test, we will work with you to improve the gameplay of submarines, make improvements or changes and prepare for the next stages of testing. 

After the Beta test, which will take place over several iterations, the submarines will be added to the game client as part of a separate game mode (as, for example, it was with the Arms Race, Rogue Wave or Space Battles). This will allow us to test under main server conditions, with a larger number of participants as we make the finishing touches and adjust the balancing of the new class. 
Only after all these steps have been taken will we decide on the fate of submarines.

We want to be sure that: the gameplay of submarines will appeal to the majority and they fit well into the game and do not create technical problems. 

Thank you for participating, we very much look forward to hearing your feedback!


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