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PSA - The Pink Bots.

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I was just in a battle where one of our team sailed in a straight line from spawn, firing blindly.

In fact, he sailed so straight, he crashed into an island. There he remained, still firing at nothing that resembled a legit target. Such a sad sight.

My maneuvering took me closeby, so I paid him a visit. Such a close visit that his shots hit me.  Whoops, I wasn't quick enough in moving away, and he received the warning that turns you pink.


I don't think poor ol' bot program knows that he's pink. He's just going to go to auto battle in the next ship in his carousal.

It would be such a pity if another player ran near pink bot and got shot. This would mean pink bot gets more warnings and team damage suspension. Poor, poor bot. He can't play the game anymore.


So if you see a pink bot, whatever you do, DO NOT ALLOW his shots to hit you.

Because that bot account will be suspended. And that would be a shame.

Especially when his human cheater controller see's what has happened to the account.


TL/DR  players can do something positive against bots, we have the power. :Smile_izmena: 







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