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Having considered your numerous requests, the World of Warships team decided to grant CBT access to those who purchased selected pre-order packages. Owners of The Sims, Yubari and Gremyashchiy can now take part in Closed Beta testing starting April, 14. Players who have ordered the packages before the indicated date will be given CBT access.


Action Stations!


Cruiser Yubari: Wall of Fire

The Japanese cruiser Yubari combines excellent maneuverability and a devastating anti-aircraft armament, making this ship a crack shot in any situation. When adding her speed into the mix, the Yubari is a vessel able to stalk the seas and turn anything the ocean launches at her into scrap.




Destroyer USS Sims: Universal Killer

The nimble American Sims destroyer is a jack of all trades; its high speed lets players dodge enemy fire and unleash its dual-purpose guns against destroyers and light cruisers. It’s no slouch defensively either; this vessel’s smokescreens and torpedoes can save friendly ships from the most dangerous of situations.




Destroyer Gremyashchiy: Elusive Avenger

Finally, the sneaky USSR Gremyashchiy, a destroyer capable of approaching battleships undetected, launching deadly torpedo strikes, and then making a swift retreat. Fast, agile, and maneuverable—she has it all—the Gremyashchiy is a watery assassin.




Your Victory Squadron

A squadron of three famed ships guarantees you a positive and quick start in the world of naval battles. Stand at the wheel of Yubari and sink enemies with crushing torpedo strikes. Lead the quick Sims into battle and find yourself in swift maneuvering engagements with giant battleships. The elusive Gremyashchiy will let you become the master of sweeping flank raids and surprise diversions. Arm yourself today and be ready to win glory and respect of your opponents!







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