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Patch 8.7

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Dear WG


A little positive feed back from me, while im epic ranter i will also give credit where its due.


"Nice Work"


Patch 8.7 best since before CV rework dropped.


Appreciate with the changing in game mechanics and additions it will never be perfect as client is always a work in progress.

AA changes - couldn't have been better / Play as CV capt more balanced now for both attacker and defender..


One little niggle with getting poor frame rates at end of Nari


Love the new Tech tree using all that screens real estate better.

Would be nice to see all the premiums and discontinued ships or put that on a separate tab in the Tech tree .


Id like to know what i might face in any random battle or for others what might they face in ranked and what its capable of, so that would be a huge help.


The ship modules you upgrade as you progress, if you could add in the Fire chance and Torpedo Detection range.

This way, players who aren't aware to check these stats beyond the ships layout of armor  (on right hand side) would have this info accessible right there.when they select a module to upgrade.

(im hopeful this would positively affect all unaware players game play of these vital mechanics).

for example a gun module shows range velocity and fire chance, perhaps armor pen value on the module when selected.

and a torpedo module shows not only speed and damage but its detection range when selected

This way all info is right there in one spot and cant be missed through lack of awareness..


Oh one last thing noticed the Audio improvements, I've installed the higher quality audio part of the client and the difference was notable, even on my budget store brand TV, which i use for a PC screen.


All in All a 9/10 patch credit where its due WG



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