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Cash Grab Idea : Retrofit T7 and T8 ship

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Soooou much brand new T11 and T9.5 WG introduced with brand new currency and grindy spice without wolf. Of course the old T7 and T8 got powercreeped and get rekt easily. 

For balancing purpose, i think new OP T9 and T10 non tech tree ship should have HIGHER servicing cost. Like 1.5x than normal because they are just straight better than tech tree counterpart. How to measure this? The ship deal 20% higher than tech tree based on statistic. This also calculate the player skill and number of game played (usually decreased by 10%~15%). Ideally, the damage done should be not more than 5% for the same tech tree.

For example if average Salem damage is 67k and Des Meme 66k then it wasnt OP. Kronstat 64k and Donskoi 51k thats near 20% different and its win rate is higher. So Kronstat OP and its service cost should be 1.5x than Donskoi. Another example is Alaska 66K, Seattle 46k and Buffalow 46k. That is almost 30% different. Alaska in reality is bigger and drink more oil obviously....


Parahraph 1 to 3 actually nothing to do with the thread, its just rant because CV should be the one OP ship not battleship disguised as cruiser.


Here is my Cash Grab Idea for WG since T7 and T8 is forgotten:


Economic :

- retrofit cost 3000 and 5000 doubloon for T7 and T8 for premium and fully researched tech tree ship

- you get new ship, so if you retrofit T8 KRI Irian you will get Retrofit T9 KRI Irian

- the servicing cost remain the same, for example T9 KRI Irian only got T8 servicing cost. The credit gain increase based on its respective tier.

- Retrofit ship wont get any XP. The XP gained will be transfered to commander XP. Its mean double add the commander XP!


Retrofitted ship gain

- 10% AA buff value

- T8 or T9 upgrade, for example T9 KRI Irian got T9 upgrade and T8 KRI Gadjah Mada got T8 upgrade. Unless its already have higher tier upgrade like belfast

- Addition or option to comsummbale based on tech tree. Example

T8 Gadjah Mada able to swap smoke with radar like Its tech tree T8. No addition..... just option like Its T8 tech tree

T8 Buyfast retain hydro, smoke and radar, GAIN T8 RN Heal... Because its T8 tech tree have it.

T8 Fiji GOT super Heal like Edinburg.... Ouh maybe less usefull than Buyfast...

T9 Kutuzov retain the smoke, but its consummable get Heal and Radar like Its T9 Donskoi.....

T9 KRI Irian retain Torp reload, GOT Heal and Radar.... also option to mount Hydro or AADF. Just note that KRI Irian only able to mount hydro. Because its basically Russian kamerad ship.

T9 Chapayev just got Heal....because its already have radar and hydro/AADF.


Drawback :

- retrofit increase tier by 1, so T8 become T9

- ALL the STAT of ship remain same.... Its Basically put T8 againts T9 for masochist or meme purpose.


Battle Implication :

- some premium and tech tree ship maybe got nothing, for example Bismarck and Charles Martel because the T9 is straight upgrade for T8 counterpart. Only Masochist doing this

- some retrofit ship maybe become brokenly OP and that is the purpose. Like Mikhail Kutuzov and Buyfast retain their smoke but gain something. LOL 

- other will create new unique sheep like KRI Irian now can use T9 range or reload upgrade to long HE spam or Gadjah Mada with concealment upgrade will become Brand new asashio that kill Cruiser with high risk.




Or let's its make more crazier, Retrofit use Research Bureau instead of doubloon.....

Or, how about getting Belfast, Kutuzov, Missouri through Research Bureau....





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Actually for Balancing the firs thing WG should d o is clearly define CA / CL, and CB as separate class ; and made MM accordingly, likewise the MM should reflect and observe equal spotting ( RADAR ) for both team. Right now its so often that one see so one sided MM that place a school of super cruiser vs CL or over population of Radar on one team when there's none or only 1 on the other ....


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I give you 1 point for referencing one of my favourite animes.

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16 hours ago, Akyamarukh said:

shit i post something stupid again

wrong :cap_haloween:

P/S: U know who

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Should be more crazy, like Retrofited Myogi Mk.5 in T10 matches 🤣

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when San Diego comes?

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18 hours ago, Grygus_Triss said:

I give you 1 point for referencing one of my favourite animes.

while I give you a point for being man of culture

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