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Hello Warship World Test Team:

This is my first public test. The following is my test experience:

First of all, there were so few people who took part in the test that there were not enough people to complete any game mode. For example, encounters were often 3v3 or 1v1, there would never be 12V12, rank mode would never reach 6v6.

Next comes the feedback from the test content, all of which, as I just said, came from small-scale battles.

Air defense mechanisms:

The new version of the defense and control mechanism basically achieves the design goal: the low-level main battleship can generally hit 1-2 high-level aircraft, for the use of AA cruiser efficiency will be higher; for the high-level air defense main battleship and high-level aircraft carrier interaction situation, such as the Republic, if the air fleet is not full formation attack, it is likely to directly destroy the fleet. Conclusion: The efficiency of low-level air defense is acceptable, and the efficiency of Tier 9 and 10-level air defense is too high.


It took me about 24 hours to test, even if the test clothes had various preferences, I only got about 3,000 research points, which was too inefficient.

Italian heavy cruiser:

I don't have enough research points to get all the Italian heavy cruisers. I only tested the Tier 5 ships. It was interesting to see the Italian heavy cruisers.

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