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Shots damages Modules

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Ok, so when playing ships, if you take a big enough hit to an area, you loose modules.

These may be AA guns, they may be Engine or Rudder....

More importantly, for the purposes of this topic, you can loose torps and guns. You can loose them for a while until they repair or they can be destroyed.

However, you can't loose consumables.

So I had a thought.

Effectively, Torpedos are a unlimited refresh consumables, so why can't we loose other consumables?

Now, some, like Repair Party and Damage Control are obviously not something you loose because it's the Crew in action (so maybe?) but Hydro? Radar? Smoke? Why can't you take a big hit which knocks it offline for a period of time? Like you can with Torpedos. It's the Radar emitter being struck and having to be repaired, it's the pipe for the fuel to the smoke generator being broken. It's the delicate Hydro module needing repairs. It's the ammo-loaders knocked offline for Reload Booster, it's the Fuel Line disrupted for Speed Boost.....

The point is, while frustrating, this could be hilariously fun.


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This is an already complicated (if not convoluted) game and you want to make it more complicated? :cap_old:

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