First of all… SAY NO TO NTC/RESEARCH BUREAU   Are we good now? Okay, let’s begin. We have so many different currencies in the game already. A few are “core” or “basic”: Credits, Free XP, Captain XP. Real money currency: Doubloon. “Basic” special currency that can be earned by playing normally: Coal. “Special” currency that can be earned through PvP-focused modes: Steel. Credits, Free XP, Doubloon, Coal and Steel are ‘permanent’ currencies because they will always be earnable and usable regardless of time, while event-specific currency that can only be earned and used during certain events. They are thematic and the types of rewards should be flexible.   Each of those can be used for different things. Ships, specifically, can be bought with 5 ‘permanent’ currencies above. There are Credit ships, Doubloon ships, Coal ships, Steel ships, Free XP ships (and Coal /FXP ships).  Isn’t that too many already? And now WG also want to create ANOTHER currency to buy ships with?   As I have said in my thread yesterday, NTC/RB is a horrible way to get people to re-grind lines. The rewards have NOTHING to do with the ships being re-grinded, AND it also has NOTHING to encourage people to play low/mid-tier ships. The whole thing is just one big whale bait. Changing those ships into Steel ships with ridiculous price and selling Steel missions a few times a year is a faster and EASIER way to get cash. It’s already done before, all they have to do is to sell those missions more than once year, maybe once every quarter.   Re-grinding lines has to reward players with things that they can use on their ships. Their TECH TREE ships. Their LOW/MID-TIERED TECH TREE ships. It’s pretty simple. Create a new resource (surprise, mofos). This resource can be earned by winning matches in T1-7 ships once a day. Create a new tab in the Arsenal. In this tab, using the new resource, players can buy stuffs like: + Premium camos for tech tree ships of Tier 1 - 7; + Limited quantity of Coal (3000) and Steel (400) (renew every Update); + One tech tree ship buying coupon (renew every 2 Updates), 15% off the Credit price. For T8 - 10 tech tree ships only. This does not stack with Update-specific discounts; + One Credit earning and one XP earning “Upgrades” for T1 - 7 tech tree ships camos (renew every 2 Updates). Each Upgrade can increase the credit/XP bonus of a premium camo by 10%. A camo can only be upgraded three times; + Nation and ship type-specific badges and badge backgrounds; + Visual elements/cosmetic items to mount on your ships, like the ship’s name, the player’s name, ship badges, etc.;   PS. What is the point of researching modules except alternative modules (example: different torpedo options on IJN DDs)? What is the point of Hull B grind while people can buy a ship with her best hull from the moment of buying, while grind a bit more for the next ship? Why do you subject people to that pain while most Hull A and Hull B are ahistorical or very similar with each other? Easier to make clone premiums this way~