As of the current version: Pros: - As the tech trees are the “core” content of the game, it’s good that this gets some attention. Tech tree ships are often overshadowed in favor of freemiums. - Players with too much credit and free xp and no line to grind have something to do. - This system adds another activity-specific “currency” to earn. This limits the number of players who can get their hands on certain content.   Cons: - If the goal is to make players engaged with low/mid tier play again, it fails even at a conceptual level. Because the grind to T8,9,10 ships is still, objectively, the LONGEST grind for people who save their free xp, and people with free xp to spare will just free xp past the low-mid tier ships. This is pure whale bait.   - The rewards of the re-grind have NOTHING to do with tech tree ships. I have seen a lot of players suggesting cosmetic rewards for their favorite ships in certain lines. If you want the players to engage with the ships they like (but find no incentive to do so because of the ships’ tiers), you have to give them rewards that can be used by those ships, and that does not includes brand new ships.   - Selling all the ships in the line to re-grind is absolutely STUPID, even if the players get the full price back. Not selling the ships will save the players a lot of hassle by sparing them A LOT of unnecessary clicking. Unnecessary clicking is unnecessary.   - The primary rewards of this feature are two OVERPOWERED ships in their current state. Like, every CC says that Ohio and Colbert are absolutely unbalanced. And that is unacceptable. NERF THEM, and maybe the player base are willing to compromise.   - Changing the name will NOT do anything. Players will still remember NTC as what it was. EA recently “changed” the name of loot boxes, and with that, they made themselves the top-notch villain of the video game industry. I don’t want to do the same to WG.   The only suggestions I can make here are: + NOT having to sell owned tech tree ships. Just reset their xp progression; + Nerfing the reward ships to make them ALTERNATIVES of tech tree ships, instead of must-haves for many players. This is supposed to be the point of all premium ships, but never truly enforced; + NOT allowing players to use free xp; + Offering cosmetic rewards such as premium camos for T1-7 tech tree ships and permanent economic bonuses for tech tree ships; + Offering Free xp, Coal, Steel so I can buy more balanced ships with those resources;   In conclusion: SAY NO TO RESEARCH BUREAU   Some side thoughts: NTC/RB seems like a very solid long-term activity for players by tackling the core content of the game - tech tree ships, however, the execution and rewards are questionable, if not horrible, because of several badly thought out features. Steel-gating those ships is easier than this sh*t.   What’ll come after Ohio and Colbert? Whatever they are, they’d better be properly balanced.