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Event Ships Remaining?

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Hi everyone.


Recently, in the past week or so I was watching Twitch and a certain wows stream with 2 streamers hosting it.  

A viewer in the chat with more knowledge about how WG works with events and ships asked these gentlemen how many ships remained in an event .. 


The streamers face looked a little hmm how to say awkward and voices dropped when one of them gave a reply stating there was a site where all this information was available.


However, due to irl noise and other distractions I never got back to watching the stream and listening again fir the information.

As the streamers looked quite out of place by the question I really dont want to harass them and make them feel out of sorts as it were in a middle of stream.


Thus that brings me to the question of what is this mysterious but seemingly public webstie that has all the information of how many ships are available in loot crates / aka containers.


Because just like scratch to win tickets... (you dont want to be buying containers or scratch tickets if you have next to or 0 chance of wining the top prize).....

and still be paying for the privilege of having less or lower chance ...which is why i guess the some what awkward look on the face of the streamers when asked that question...


Anyway does any one have a link for that information on bonus missions / ships available for event / container (aka loot rates)

It would be very nice to know if im paying for a 10% chance or a 0 chance for example for top T in an event / crate etc...


Many thanks o7  

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name of the ships?

Some ships have event's camo too, they look exactly like event ships

think again

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