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Jaguar : Enfant Terrible

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Ship Analysis (just my impressions)

Behind every great DD game is a great CV player, and the above is no exception: my CV spotted the enemy Kamikaze, and kept him pinned down pretty much the entire game until the Kami got frustrated, overextended, hydroed by our Emerald, when at last I did a drive by and nuked him. The rest of the enemy team played poorly, leaving many scattered, weakened enemy ships which I could take down (read: killsteal) without too much effort.  By the end it was a turkey shoot.

For the Jaguar, I learnt to play this ship by watching an enemy Guepard murder almost my entire team in a previous T5-7 match. The main thing to appreciate is they are not DDs in the traditional sense, and play closer to Russian boats - Tashkent in particular.

You are fast, but slow to turn. You have guns specifically designed to damage cruisers but are not as effective against BB or DD: powerful AP, slow turret traverse, poor arcs. You have a quirky damage model that allows you to soak up punishment in excess of your hp pool, but you'll still die quickly when focused. You have no smoke and no AA to speak of, and flat gun arcs so nowhere to hide but in plain sight. You have strong torps and reasonable concealment, but the fish are slow to reload and have relatively poor firing arcs.

My key advice is to use your speed to move sideways rather than forwards. You want to be joining in on attacks on enemy ships, firing from unexpected or flanking positions so the enemy must choose to rotate their turrets to engage you or stay focused on other, more immediate threats. Get into those kinds of positions, and keep shooting. Concealment, none ... when attacking plan to be detected 100% of the time. Stay just far enough away  that speculative volleys tend to miss, and pay attention to avoid getting into kill range of the cruisers which present real threats to you, like, worst case, Myoko. Mash the W and S keys continuously to throw the enemy aim off, A and D not so much because you need to stay broadside to keep your firepower level up.

The torps are good. They hit hard, and seem pretty stealthy. 8 km is enough of a concealment window to allow you to put significant damage downstream undetected, and you have the speed to run out and drop torps in places the enemy are not expecting yet. I'd say Jaguar plays 50/50 gunboat/torpboat split. What you are not good at is capping, or brawling with DDs and any point really. You don't have the maneuverability or the arcs to bring your firepower to bear effectively, plus you have no smoke. Jaguar is a DD that enjoys regular matches more than domination games, it must be said.

I know not everyone has this ship yet ... but don't sweat it, you can get it next month without any trouble. I'm not sure if I'll grind the line or not. I have to hand it to WG the "gimmick" of French DDs is more compelling than I thought it would be, and the flavor concentrates as you move up the line, but whether it's worth it for me (given I have IJN, USN, RN and VFM lines already) I can't really say at this point. Probably not.

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