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French DD = lose Karma

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Dear devs,


Due to the server i play on being multi lingual and the mentioned translation pack, (which you can buy in pre made and use) haven't arrived, despite being mentioned by WG again like match making issues 1..5 years ago.

aaand Im losing Karma.


it is most apparent players arent reading the News about French DD

While i understand, from a business point of view its bad for sale, you'd not want to make it overly obvious that they have no smoke and make that overly apparent these ARE AWKWARD TO BUILD LET ALONE PLAY as it would hurt event and $.


However now I've drop to 0 karma

I have lost so much karma across 3 french dd.. 

steep learning curve and lack of guides  but work around it be cautious i thought..


Please point me in right direction if one exists! google doesn't help wows wiki is empty of info beyond specs 

Even some content provide haven't got them..to busy blurgh playing all the to many new release and getting their viewers numbers up to take the time to write them ... is possible..


It comes down to noob DD didnt smoke died... Report!!!

T8 problem match making again..  DD no smoke slowish traverse, slowish turn circle to damn high detection with AA off,  all to easy for CV to focus spot fighter and rest of team .. well.. see you back in port.


T10 or all player  think T8 stupid noob DD

Didnt spot at T10 while perma radio located

with 7.1km conceal

opposition with radar ships right there on other side of the cap..

And your team wont focus the most valuable ship and biggest threat to you cruisers. Cruiser they do everything,  they Support their dd ..well they should support their DD +  HE spam the BB  / Radar and hydro and AA.

. Report!

All stupid DD fault...


Concealment so bad that CV can get you on first pass

AA so bad that when you P activate the AA youll not be able to kill that T/8  T10 planes or fighter spotter until they've dumped all over you and wouldve had to return planes anyway...


That no smoke low AA  rockets and inparticular  T10 rockets / fighter drops 

Its F bro



And of course the T8 match making well we all know thats broke AF so thats a give in. Amount of times I've been top Tier lmao like seriously literally its not rare never happen but its so well out of even close to even or even fair..

Also that enemy cv player has an achievement badge and well thats more often than not vs my team CV achievement badge is where?

Where is my teams Atlantas? or other radar dakka ships?. 

  so fun.. RIGHT...


no smoke 

and that Fantasque upgrade  3rd slot is broke

you want to take Accuracy so when you do hit and give away your location you hit as best % as you can.

But turret traverse not that good either so you really want to take the ship upgrade for that ..

but no wait AA so bad and no smoke and your ship so long that you want to take the AA module.. but turret traverse little to far behind and you want to take that in the same upgrade slot.

AA situational not every match.. so its F pick %

Ship is a little F in all areas.


So you want to think hmm counter weakness take ship upgrade for Aiming system mod  to make % shots count when you do open your self up to the world best accuracy, which isnt to bad  to start with

But you also do want Aiming mod for front line brawl with dd and reload boost if you have to like higher T dd especially...

Then you might think to address the turret traverse you'll take Expert Marksman in captain skills...

but you have 3 captain skill points..

its DD you want to take Last stand .. you need last stand esp with the 7.1km pre captain ski concealment buff.


its messy and inside out build. 



Fantasques  torps are 8km

75 knots wooo


1.8km visibility...  WHY WAS THAT A GOOD IDEA?



you sneak up hoping to get off some torps with 900 meter area to launch..(8km torp range) and fire before being seen with 7.1km conceal >  (before 10 pont skill captain)

and if ship is moving away ha! you have to get seen to get them

and thats F cos torps will get seen F1.8km out..

So of course not being total noob you dont target anything even with engine boost even Jean barts

and oh wait.. at T10 the torpedo bulge is as thick as it gets


Hol up it gets better!!

So you Think sigh this is so yuck .. blow a ton on elite exp and now you have less issue with enemy  dd have plenty of time to see you coming...

camo / ship concealment upgrade.captain skill   = 6.4 km...

So you use that extra concealment  to get up closer and launch... torps while they running away or moving slowly, even a camp T10 can get out the way... 

Woo T8 DD  75 knots Torp spped ! Wooo! 


you sneak up 6.5 - 7km

target a bb or something without engine boost ..



1.8km conceal ment.. fail.. 



OK for those not good at mafs

say you fire those 8km range torps at 7km  > with 10 point capt conceal to get that little clsoer.. 

you fire your woo 75 knot torps and start to get out of the area ... or maybe wait theres another target almost almost wait a little longer F


those torps seen at 1.8km away - 7 km distance fired .. = 5.2km Travel time which is quite quick and now they have your bearing and idea where you were mot so long ago.. 

Yo CV spot show square on map 






and if you do get away from radar at first

cv hunt you 




Btw dont forget to report for not smoke or cap french dd ..

i enjoy the loss of all my rare and hard fought for karma.. people only compliment 1 in every great game I play,  which is rare enough in itself..

but while in this ship, reports flow like rain in rain forest..

it makes me feel so good about this ship, even if karma doesn't affect in game play. even if i appreciate its others ignorance.

You know others will think you suck with no concept of the play style or that, it doesnt even have smoke at all and its not a cap type dd....and can be easily spotted and perma fighter and ooo new ship ooo dd kill kill kill.. 


did testers even play this with a 3 pont captain that its issued it with.. if they did theyd have mad a number of different suggestion id think.


 Pre 10 point captain > this is why and it will happen

Enemy dd lower detection in front ... spotting will see you..  

-Vs- T10 many many games ? almost guarantee radio locate in game

T10 Cv with rockets that F you and a fighter you cant shoot down till its already dumped on you same at T8 pretty much cos ships AA is under power 

in that instance you wished you had taken the ship upgrade AA  modification module, which i ve never done as its a hit or miss % pick each game...so F value over accuracy.


And until you get 10 point commander and take concealment with lower conceal you'll  need that slot 4th ship upgrade slot to RUN - for time to power 50% reduction so run french run!

Everyone wants to shoot the new ship

Everyone wants to report the noob dd that doesnt smoke or cap

Every CV can get a shot off on the first pass, with AA off cos detected by air its 3.3km even AA off and ship conceal max upgraded.

Your AA isnt strong enough to kill the fighter spotter.. 

HOW ABOUT FIGHTER CANT SPOT COS THEY ARE TO HIGH WAITING TO DIVE ON ENEMY PLANES.... not look for smaller ships such as dd or thy only see BB.. w.e it needs to change.


T 8  /10 cv will back quick smart to get your slowish turn radius stern full of rockets and drop that next fighter on you / again everyone wants to shoot dd and "oh the new ship woo!." yeah i killed it XD...

This is where yet another F happens in the build, to escape CV planes incoming fire >> or have a chance to try and avoid >  you want to take rudder shift reduction  so take steering gears modification ...

but wait!!! that upgrade is in same slot 4 of 50% to power / speed you need at 7.1km under T10 capt.. to run when having that 7.1 worse concealment as other  dd is out in front of team  WILL spot you first if not also have radio locate with radar ships in behind them...


see a problem, here its all inside out.. and has to change the build at 10 point to rudder shift reduction from engine boost at considerable costs! 

You need last stand youre a big dd and youre engines are out often steering to..esp at 10 enemy..


Fantastique  ships  traverse ugh little to slow.. So your wanting expert marksman  captain skill but a  DD you are needing last stand...  F

Youve taken aiming mod over turret traverse in ship upgrade.to max your dmg out put.

You have aiming mod in the same ship upgrade slot with better traverse -5% reload .. 

messy messy. ..


Then at 4th upgrade slot,  you want to take the time to 50% power you will get caught often...with lower skill under 10 point captain. enemy dd see you easily / detected. radar plane dead..

But the thing is the ship is a  little bit like a truck.. to turn ok more large mini van..

So in that slot you want to take 50% to full speed mod..


CV wiil see you sooner or later.  Fantasique cant shoot down the planes.or fighter spotter in time before he kills you, or gets another flight there in quick time while and youre spotted by fighter of course your priority death... by all.

So hmm avoid incoming shells and rockets...Steering gears modification right! in slot 4 .. but thats in same slot as time to full speed at 50% propulsion mod .. you need it to get out of detection asap. when random detection or under fire when not at speed. happens when creeping up for torps by enemy dd then of course radar.

i ended up changing to rudder mod in 4 once i got 10 point and lower concealment.. i can at least have better chance of avoiding incoming if i do get spotted .. and also extend life vs cv planes a little.. 

so thats messy


Then i ran into the ugh torps get seen to far out and give away bearing to your postion very quickly easily.. and you have to be very careful in limited selection of course mostly BB / no engine boost no radar .. those that are at the back.. 


and even those ships at T 10 have the better turn time... and thicker torp bulges. ..Torp ijn bb then.. well theyre quite fast. torp german.. theyll throw  out a fighter a radar will drop if radar gets you some ships have over 10km secondaries..


to much inside out things and to many little short falls.


To me and having watched streamers Testing content providers playing wows and the French DD NONE of them were impressed

Its like hmm we set up this in advance event to pay our WG bills listen to a bit of the feed back about what the tester said hmm wasnt positive from the community one dimensional gun boats not fun .. hmm 

well make them dd for sure no us mini cruiser lets give them torps we got to do something about it or event will F

So WG next thing you know blanket effect little thought All 8km torps... their now its a DD players right? :D

No F

its mini cruiser. very situational


The excitement of running all over the map fast here there woo clutch play moments...

New for you WG 


The higher T as is well known by those that play them = more campers. stagnant game play you aint running no where. campers holiday

until one side noobs out gets bored or F and starts to dominate that side of the map..

but that camping dakka cruiser with radar is still there cos of lower detection and being T10 knows somewhere in front of all that bb coming towards him is the one dd thats not shown up in map as last known location.. .  

Its his job to fix that...


So be prepared to lose all your, so hard earned Karma,, due to community lack of awareness how to play them.. . they dont cap they dont smoke and dance a very fine line with concealment and against CV forget about it more than any other dd. 

You will get hit first pass.

So again because things dont seem to get through... F

Fighter drop that you cant even shoot down.   you want to take AA upgrade module but its situational and have no clue if its useless pre game and AA signal / signal not enough on it own)

So now you got 10 point you think ok maybe you can build to some AA skill to compensate get it through captain skills .. but you need radio locate and AA mod its situational pick so not 100% pick .. but its essential if there is CV.. 

So if you build to AA spec youre then looking at 13 -17 point capt spec .. to make up for F  lack luster ship AA and cant take it in modules to make the ship and your build work filling in its weakness.


Ship torp range speed giving away your bearing quickly, due to its speed to target and long detection range and used for limited target torp picks which mostly sit at the back  .. 

Then the messy modules where what you want to pick doesnt work until you try to compensate it but even compensating the build is F in capt skill Fs that.


 So frustrating that ^>

Further down the build after 10 point it gets ugly, taking situational AA skill on captain all, to compensate for something that actually is benefit the ships main purpose guns with Aiming mod ship upgrade in the same slot..

 Youll have to do that to compensate for when you do get to do what the ship is designed for, gun shoot everything with reload boost and get that accuracy % as high as possible and of course french run.


As for Testing was not done with 3 point capt on mass guarantee you that much. 


For those not played a higher than T5 French DD

Imagine playing a UK dd with the short smoke, which was designed for hit and run.

That has no smoke

And a short boost to its rate of fire and then run.

Thats about it.

its not a cap ship

its not a smoke ship

The torps and the visibility of them and limited targets, its not a torp ship.

Its not a dd.

its a mini cruiser. kind of like a Shchors  which is a kind of a lazo if you did that event.   but not as flat an arc perhaps... im not a fan of shchors either as it so happens.. that water line .. but it has ineffective  AA and no option to buy one such as a DFAA in regular consumables.. nor any  hydro that some dd have..

Its a confused ship and build.  Better off as second crustier line as mini cruiser..but it takes damage like a dd engines steering often


So you'll think this perhaps starting your build

take last stand 2nd > but that turret traverse ugh!  Need skill EM! 

.no no you take Turret modification in ship upgrade modules!...

but you want to do what the ship is made to do . shoot stuff * at the right time* need the accuracy!

Aiming modification is in same ship upgrades slot as the turret traverse or you  F  lower the % the thing its designed to do.. .shoot

I know but!  ugh but cv!!! 

only option is in the same slot ship upgrade slot as turret traverse and same slot as aiming mod.^ the AA modules .  .which is F.

so that only leave captain skills! for AA

well do it!

but maybe i need no its a must! concealment!! of course at 10 point captain.

so then 13 point to get AA buff in capt skill + 4  more points to max that 17 point capt..before you have some survivabilty and effective concealment / capability to not get cucked at the jump.


At the least WG drop a DFAA option on it you can make economy from it to

perhaps its the quickest solution.. that doesnt gaurantee 100% loss port when spotted by cv.

Its awkward enough risk management / threat potential managing as it is let alone this buld among everythng else.


Might I also add and this isnt a poke or bad intention towards WG

That when you have an event you dont want to give away economy unless its managed.. such as 10 point captains where they are in a position to often be facing T10 ships which have every single advantage.

Perhaps pre an event release, an particular different play style of ships  that you get the testers to try to sail with captain levels you intend to release them with. just a little.


certain element of the community the same ones who report French T8 DD, for not capping against majority T10 and overwhelming suicidal odds, or for them not using smoke and getting killed by being perma spotted by CV fighter spotters - noob dd.. 

might say the ship is trash and the build is trash and not even worth considering in its current format it mustve been a last minute rush job not worth dont waste your time. such a gring and by the time that captain is worth anything hes on another ship..even with the same skills youll need another 17 pointer captain  to replace him on T8.. if taking that original captain to 10.. .so you dont get F and of course reported.


Lucky im not one of those p;layers and completely understand things take time and balancing .

Even at the expense of all my Karma...


good luck and Fear seas o7


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The reports do nothing, really, so there is no reason to fret over them. I didn't even remember that this was a thing before reading your message.

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Sure I miss smoke but really they're not that bad.

You just need to choose the right moments to expose yourself.

Don't even talk about playing T8 without conceal, you deserve everything you get if you do that.

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