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Armory stuck on infinite loading

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1. Description
Armory does not load upon clicked on, stuck on "infinite loading" like scene

2. Reproduction steps
1. Go to Port

2. Click "Armory"

3. Wait for eternity while watching this screen


3. Result
Can't buy stuffs from armory.

4. Expected result

I should have seen: https://armory.worldofwarships.asia/en/category/event


5. Technical details

Armory page could be accessed without any problem on a browser, but internal web browser of WoWs isn't broken since I can see news page and so on.

This event occurred completely random, like I was able to see Armory 5 secs ago, and then I am completely unable to see even after restarting client.

I don't understand what is happening.

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Same deal with other external content (news, Premium shop) as well, although generally they do load up after a while. Still easier just to use a browser to access these, because the issue comes and goes.

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Hello captain, could you please try to turn off MOD or change into the safe mode? Or you can save the data first then reinstall the client.

If all of these don't work, please contact our Player Support team for further assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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