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World of Warships - When it comes to full game

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Repost from my replies:


Not tomorrow, not next week, not next 2 weeks, not within this month, not next month, not next year but....... Soon™.

We don't know when because they haven't announced it yet.


For the codes, keep updated at the WoWs Like Page, WoWs home page, and check your registered email address at WG.

I got invitation code for WoWs Beta Test Weekend via email, which registered at WG & I've been playing WoT since 2012.



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Sure mate.  You can go in closed beta once the game is in open beta............................


That's not simply

Sure you can play when you got the access to play...

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Based on my past experience you can expect OPEN Beta start in circa 4 weeks after the PreOrder Package. You have now still 24 hours left to buy it! I recommend to buy the 3 in 1 Package, because these ships you may can not purchase after game release. I can not give any specific recommendation to you, because I am also not a Beta Tester but based on provided data I would choose between the US or the Russian ship.


They are preorder. For the first 3 days, they are sold at 15 % discount. Then they will be preorder packs at full price (current + 15 %), until OBT starts. Then they wont be available in the Giftshop, for at least a year. After that they will occasionally be available in the giftshop., but not very often.

Thats the understanding I have of it currently.


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My expectation is that CBT will continue for at least 2-3 months more. Then OBT will be initiated, which in a sense, is like release. This phase will mainly be for stresstesting the servers, and find oversights that slipped through the cracks in Alpha and Beta. OBT will probably only last about 3 weeks, before WoWS officially gets a release status.



Functionally there wont be any difference between OBT and release status, as in there wont be any wipes of data from OBT to release status. At release the game will still have Doubloons as Premium currency. That will first change to Gold and the unified accounts, somewhere later Down the line. My guess for that is 3 months after release status.


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