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CV over powered planes

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I have been playing and hoping that WG would buff these CV's and do something about the endless supply of aircraft and the way a carrier can launch aircraft with out a cool down and being on fire . This current model is so seriously broken the amount of damage a rocket plane can do is so unfair to all ships specially DD's defensive AA fire is only good for one attack while the aircraft can fly on through it and still do damage and attack again while it is in cool down leaving the ship defenceless . I am compelled to write this after a game I played in the Monaghan where I chased a Ryugo for about 2 + minutes hitting it's flight deck over and over again whilst it launched and recovered aircraft against me until I ran out of defensive fire AA to stop the aircraft I did my best to dodge rocket attack after rocket attack but there is only so much dodging that you can do before you capitulate to the damage being done to you without them not having to care about any consequence to the way they play .

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