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0.8.5 AA DPS change

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Dear players,

As 0.8.5 changes have brought much needed and requested AA DPS consistency, seems like in many cases the plane losses became slightly excessive, and CV efficiency was nerfed too much. While we do like the change, we still need to keep CV efficiency reasonable. Over weekend and early next week we intend to observe the situation very closely, determine the amount of needed changes to plane HP, and implement a hotfix. Unfortunately, only live server data will help us to polish the change, preserving its core concept – more rewarding and meaningful anti-air defense.

Stay tuned for more news, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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Then why the hell you guys do not made DD stealth consistency work .. sorry perma-spotting still there, most DD had little or no counter play to planes, not to Radar and only distance to distance Hydro .. but yet they are still having torpedoes and guns ranged as they were before all these. if the game mean for whether intentional or not to place ships working ever at longer range then you need to made that DD also can play at those range and DD especially boats that rely on stealth must be given their stealth back ... and NO your AA change still levae DD with no real AA and counter measure against Planes and especially so when BB and Cruiser are now even harder target .. so CV would target the light force even more

OH Yeah so CV must be allowed to still play efficiently, I am not seeing that done to DD nor CL ; now made them work ASAP its overdue

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Well 6 months with CVs, how many months WG focus on CV any more?




10? or a whole year with CVs?

and throw away CA DD BB?

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