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Rogue Wave: Ship Tiers, Credits and Grinding

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I've been playing the new Savage Mode and I've noticed a few things, thought I'd just share.


Ships in Savage mode comes in 3 tiers. You can tell by the tier by the ship icon, it has a number of stars on it. Credits earned in Savage mode are affected by your ship's tier.

Below are roughly the credits you'll earn per battle (based on roughly 800 score per battle, with NO premium), and the base service costs.


Tier 1

Earnings: 55k

Service Cost: 10k

Tier 2

Earnings: 105k

Service Cost: 80k

Tier 3

Earnings: 140k

Service Cost 190k


Note the massive service costs. Combined with the ammunition costs, it can cost credits to play higher tier ships unless you have premium. And I think most people would agree those higher tier ships are also stronger.


Here is a comparison of the "Squid" Class ships, aka the Torpboats (Because I haven't got the other higher tiers yet):

Tier 1 Messer (Z-52) vs Tier 2 Sea Devil (Shimakaze) vs Tier 3 Stealthedo (Daring)

  • 15k base hp vs 20k hp vs 25k base hp.
  • 2x4 torps at 25sec reload vs 3x5 torps at 40sec reload vs 2x5 torps at 20sec reload + RN's single launch option.
  • 50kts vs 60kts vs 70kts
  • Torpedo Tubes Turn Time: 4.5s vs 7.5s vs 7.2s
  • Hydro: Messer 5km ship detection, 6.25km torp detection vs Sea Devil 5km vs Stealthedo 7km.
  • Hydro Reload: 60sec reload but 30sec Stealthedo.
  • Smoke: Bigger and shorter reload on tier 2+

I don't think the latter 2 benefits outweigh the gains of using higher tiers. The service costs also suggest the lower tiers are meant to be weaker, to give higher tiers an advantage.


There are 300 fuel tokens from the battle missions, which can only be done in Savage Mode. To get all of them you need to earn 16.8M Credits via Savage Mode.

You can choose to, based on tier:

  • Do about 300 matches, earning a minor amount of credits per match.
  • Do about 160 matches, your credits should roughly break even, without premium. Its still a lot of matches with no credit gain tho.
  • Do about 100 matches, but it will drain your credits. Expect 30k to 40k loss per match, unless you get premium.

My guess is that this event was made to promote premium purchase. If you enjoy this mode, you're probably fine with the tier 2 ships, although I can see how it could suck for those who might want to get this event over with. Also I'm just pointing out the "pay 4 advantages (or just pay in credits)" of this mode. 

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More oversight corrected.
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Impressive! Thank you for your neat summary, @Verytis 🙂

Of course we can't answer if your guess is right or wrong, but we hope more players will enjoy the Savage mode with your thread. 

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I would say the advantage of faster torp reload / more torps / faster torps on the tier 2-3 ships would be huge. 50 knots vs 70 knots. Consider how fast the DDs move. That's massive improvement in hit/kill potential.

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STEALTHEDO hydro up to 7km both

Squid line is LUL

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