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Minsk vs T22 game performance

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Hi I am a relatively new player focusing primarily on DDs.


I have been grinding the RU line and enjoy playing it. But my performance with the T7 Minsk is quite poor with around 28% win rate.


While the T22 got above 50% after getting a  10 pts captain.


I do what I think I'm supposed to do with a Minsk ... Being the harasser of enemy ships and attracting the heat without dying ... But even then my team seems to be loosing.


To reiterate I love the RU line and if u could give any advise will be highly appreciated.



P.S. Why does it show "Ensign" beside my name? and what does the positions in clan battles mean (I understand the authority of Commanders/ Deputy Commanders and Recruiters but what's the point of the remaining designations?)


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Both ships are on different tiers which also means they have their own difficulty levels.


The "Ensign" is nothing more than your rank in the forum. More posts on forum = higher rank you achieve.


The remaining designations are nothing special other than for the other members with lower ranks.

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