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Suggestions with Weather

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There should be more weather effects that come and go on each map and some none. With each weather effect there should be more to how it effects not just visibility but gun dispersion so a ship shooting in heavy rain accuracy would be hampered, also should decrease velocity and speed landing shorter then normal thus losing some range as an example. Maybe some hurricane(storm)  weather that goes in a certain direction so shells will fire further and faster with the wind and vice versa against the wind of say 10% either way. This should also effect CV planes in spotting and there accuracy and landing payload. A more interactive weather for players to use an advantage. Something like a few different weather scenarios, Rain, Fog, Storm with each having multiple effects on everything. Visibility and detection, Speed of the ship and shell velocity. So everything comes into play with a percentage buff or nerf to a ships speed depending on which direction its traveling.  I know its quite a bit for WG to implement but would make the game feel realistic.

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The fog would be easy to implement as they already use night battles for Cherry Blossom.

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