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Cannot now have WoWs on more than one server in Game Centre?

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Due to problems running the games on my Mac I de-installed and tried the BETA version but that was unplayable so I re-installed Game Centre and the EU game.

I am now running Game Centre [3.1.8 (3.1.8)] on a Mac and using the WoWs ( game from the EU server.
No problems with installing and running that.
However, previously (before the BETA version) I was also able to install WoWs from the ASIA server so I could choose from which server I wanted to run the game.
Now I cannot do that - the Game Centre has a button to do it but it does not work, it asks me for my ASIA server login details and recognises them OK so that I have two server locations listed in the drop down menu, but then nothing - no download.
I've looked everywhere to see if there is something I have missed but... Nope! Nothing doing.
I have run Check and Repair but that has not listed any errors or fixed the problem.

Anyone any ideas?


Davo 😩

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