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Ark Royal gets her Swordfish torpedo bombers back!

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From the latest devblog which at the time of writing is less than 10min old:



British aircraft carrier Ark Royal, tier VI:

- Fairey Albacore torpedo bombers replaced by Fairey Swordfish.
- - Aircraft hit points lowered from 1110 to 1070;
- - Aircraft cruise speed increased from 97 to 98 knots.

Fairey Swordfish squadrons are as famous as the Ark Royal aircraft carrier itself. For historical accuracy purposes, the Fairey Albacore torpedo bombers are replaced by Swordfish, which are a bit faster, but with a lower hit points.



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I am more excited about this part, since I plan to get this ship at any cost (except paying real money):


French destroyer Vauquelin, tier VII:

- Hit points of researchable hull increased from 16900 to 18100;
- Turrets 180° turn time lowered from 22.5 to 18 s;
- Torpedo speed increased from 57 to 68 knots;
- Torpedo detectability range increased from 1.2 to 1.4 km.

In some characteristics Vauquelin was not strong enough for a French destroyer of tier VII and did not fit into the overall progression of the branch.

Vauquelin's researchable hull increased the amount of hit points of the ship by too small amount for a tier VII destroyer.

French destroyers are designed for dynamic fights whilst actively maneuvering. With the progression of the tier, the dynamics of the battle grows too, and the previous traverse speed of the Vauquelin turrets was too low to permit effective play at her tier.


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1 minute ago, MatterCore said:

:fish_book:  ? . ? . ? :cap_wander:

An explainer will be along shortly. :Smile_veryhappy:


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25 minutes ago, MatterCore said:

:fish_book:  ? . ? . ? :cap_wander:

A torpedo dropped by a Swordfish launched from Ark Royal hit Bismarck near the stern, collapsing the structure and caused her stern to stuck, crippling her maneuverability and allowed HMS Rodney to catch up. Commonly regarded as the hit that doomed Bismarck.

I would argue that HMS Prince of Wales did the actual crippling hit, a hit near the bow section of Bismarck that caused her to leak oil and forced her to abort the mission and detach from Prinz Eugen. PoW fought valiantly during that battle despite her quad turrets suffering serious technical issues. (She scored another hit, one that penetrated Bismarck's underwater hull and went into an auxiliary machine room. Bismarck would similarly score an underwater hit on PoW, but the shell failed to go through the thick and reliable underwater protection of the KGV class. PoW sustained significant superstructure damage that battle but IMO should be considered the winner of the Denmark strait gun duel.)

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