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Topic for applications to the Clan Special Test World of Warships

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In this topic, you may leave the application for participation in the clan test (CST) WoWs. Before applying, be sure to read this post and the short FAQ.


The requirements for the clan-candidate to the CST:
What will be taken into account when evaluating:

  • A well written application. Incorrectly completed applications will be rejected.
  • Game experience of participation in clan battles in World of Warships. (Not less than 400 battles according to the statistics of the clan, including at least 200 battles for just passed season). Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
  • Experience of participating in ship tournaments is welcome.
  • Writing feedback experience, competent writing, knowledge of graphic editing tools and spreadsheets (at the basic level) is welcome.
  • Proficiency in  English for clan reps (reading and writing with dictionary would be sufficient). Test coordination and all tasks description will be in English.
  • Being ready to uphold the general culture of communication on the forum and in the game - before making a decision on the application, we will check the history of  ingame forum violations. The application will be rejected in case of exceeding a certain number (this number can't be disclosed) of violations.
  • Number of applications submitted.

The application may be filed only by the clan commander.


Application form

  • The clan name and a brief description of the achievements in World of Warships,Clan battles and tournaments, the history of the community (the name changes, alliances) - as a free description.
  • The list of people, who will participate in testing, with designation of two representatives.
  • If  any clan member has previous experience of testing in games, please specify it by links to game profiles, which indicates the status of the tester.
  • Detailed and honest answer to the question: "Why do You want to participate in CST?".
  • A typical time period in which Your clan will be able to play regularly on CST sessions and the number of hours per week, that you are ready to spend on it.
  • Personal Discord profiles of clan reps (clan commander and one deputy commander) .

The applications selection process: 

  • Any application in this topic is visible only to the applicant, developers, CST reps and section moderators. The candidate can't see other people's applications.
  • Every message you left in this topic is considered as an application. Questions, comments and other remarks - ignored. Be careful filling out the application. If you need to add and/or change your application, edit the message.
  • Applications are accepted and reviewed as requires.
  • If the application is rejected, a comment will be added to the text, if possible, with the reason. Submission of the repeated application is possible only after elimination of the reason, but no more than two times within three months. When the clan collects 5 rejected applications, his further candidacy will not be considered.
  • If the application is accepted, a comment about it will be added to the text. After the test task will be sent to the clan commander. Everything associated with the test task and the next stages of adoption in CST, will be discussed in private messages. The disclosure of test tasks or correspondence to third parties entails the automatic rejection for the current application and terminate the processing of subsequent applications from the clan.


Thank you for attention. Any questions you can ask in a special topic.

Good luck!

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