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ST, Competitive modes, balance and other changes

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ST, Competitive modes, balance and other changes

After the release of the 0.8,6 update you will be able to take part in two competitive battle types.

The VI season of Clan battles will be held in "6 vs 6" format on tier VIII ships. All types of ships except aircraft carriers are allowed, and no more than 1 battleship per team. The reduced size of the teams is not planned as a permanent change, but will make it easier to gather clanmates for the battle during summer. The change of the tier from X to VIII will diversify the familiar battle type. With the tier changed, rewards have also changed: you can get up to 8 750 of steel in the VI season.

New Ranked season will be held in "6 vs 6" format on tier IX ships. 

The lightning model is updated. This is one of the steps in improving the graphics both in terms of quality and performance. 


Hatsuharu, Gnevny and Nicholas have their stock hulls updated: both visually and in armament they are now closer to the researchable hulls. 

Now, players may encounter bot-operated aircraft carriers in Co-op battles even if no ships of this type are helmed by real players. Bot-operated aircraft carrier is also added if there is an aircraft carrier helmed by player.

The Raptor Rescue operation is brought back and the balance in it is improved: all skills, modernizations and premium consumables are removed from bots, and the composition of enemy groups is changed. 

The automatic collision avoidance system is improved: it will work more reliably, and in most instances will turn the ship in an optimal way. Manual control will always have the priority. 

5 new historical commanders are added: Friedrich Bonte, Horace Hood, Matsuji Ijūin, Vladimir Trubetskoy, Theodore Chandler. Though in game they don't have talents or improved attributes.  They will be available in the Armory for doubloons. 

New permanent camouflage 'Wolf' is added for Flint. It will be available for 3 Clan tokens and give the following bonuses:

  • -3% to detectability range;
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship;
  • -50% ship's post-battle service;
  • +20% Credits per battle;
  • +100% Experience per battle.


New camouflage "Red heat" is added, giving the following bonuses:

  • -3% to detectability range.
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship.
  • +100% XP per battle
  • +100% Commander XP per battle


AA guns will now deal continuous damage several times per second. The damage values were recalculated accordingly to consider the increased frequency. This is a technical change with minimal impact in gameplay, which fixes some illogical situations.

Pan-Asian destroyer Chung Mu, tier IX:

  • Main battery guns reload time increased from 3.3 to 3.5 s;
  • Torpedo tubes reload time increased from 106 to 122 s.

Pan-Asian destroyer Yueyang, tier X:

  • Torpedo tubes reload time lowered from 156 to 146 s.

After the changes to Yueyang in the update 0.7.11 this destroyer was balanced with classmates in terms of impacting the battle, but Chung Mu was superior to other tier IX destroyers in battle efficiency. The changes will balance these Pan-Asian ships with other destroyers considering the changes to the game after the 0.7.11 update.

American destroyer Gearing, tier X:

  • Researchable torpedo tubes reload time lowered from 136 to 122 s.

In the 0.7.6 update the Mk16 mod. 1 torpedo tubes were added to the ship, the same as Fletcher has. They showed good efficiency on Gearing, and now we want to make researchable and stock torpedoes, offering different play styles, equal in terms of combat efficiency.

British destroyer Jutland, tier IX:

  • Main battery guns reload time increased from 3.5 to 4 s.

Jutland is very good in close combat. but her overall efficiency is too great. To make this ship more balanced, the reload time is increased from 3.5 to 4 s.

British cruiser Emerald, tier V:

  • Armor of citadel deck is increased from 25 to 40 mm.

This change will protect the citadel deck from penetrations by attack aircraft rockets, 203 mm caliber HE shells and penetrations without ricochets with AP shells.

British battleships King George V, Lion, Duke of York, Monarch, Conqueror:

  • The citadel is raised and it will take some of the casemate space;
  • The Repair Party consumable is changed:
    • Restoration of the casemate (non-citadel) damage increased from 60% to 75%;
    • Duke of York number of charges increased from 2 to 3;
    • King George V, Duke of York and Monarch restore 0.6% of maximum amount of HP per second instead of 0.5%;
    • Repair Party Reload time lowered for King George V, Monarch and Duke of York from 120 to 90 s;
    • Repair Party Reload time lowered for Lion and Conqueror from 180 to 120 s.

Fighting from long range, British battleships are less demanding regarding their positioning due to a low-sitting citadel. Even a well-aimed broadside salvo rarely hits it. To increase the possibility of punishing angling mistakes, the citadel has been raised and will take up some of the casemate space. But with good manuevering, the overall survivability of British battleships will only increase due to the improved Repair Party.


Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

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