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Recruiting Station: a New Referral Program with Fresh Rewards!

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never mind, too old to work it out :cap_old:

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For players who have accepted an invite from me a while ago (now playing tier X), do I get rewards or not? website says:

The tab is already available, both in the game and on the main page of the portal, replacing the "Play with Friends" tab. If you’re already a participant of the "Play with Friends" program, all your referral links will be saved. Your referees become your Shipmates automatically, meaning that you can also receive cashback and 500d8fba-860a-11e9-b6b2-38eaa7374f3c.png Recruitment Points from them.

Disclaimer: cashback benefits only apply to purchases made after the start of the Recruiting Station referral program, not retroactively.

I'm not sure where this leaves me? I don't see anything in my Recruiting Station section in game or on the website?

Does my friend no longer count as a shipmate? Why not?


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14 minutes ago, CaptnJonah_1 said:

as i suspected gamers are walking away like me when my sub runs out


Not sure where you get that idea from.


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