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AALG's first WoWS Video - Nagato, Domination mode, Islands of Ice map

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My first WoWS Video is the result of a complaint thread on the WoWS Asia forums, about how Domination mode "only were for Destroyers, and Battleships and cruiser were useless", so I decided to record my next Nagato battle. 

My post on that tread was as follows :

"Domination mode is fine. I have no problems in my BB nor my CA's in Domination mode. The only problem is that players still need to learn that Domination mode means getting the bases capped or preventing them being capped. Too many BB's and to a lesser amount CA's steam around at max range trying to hit the other teams ships. CA's should get in and take care of capping DD's while BB's should steam closer and protect them from other CA's and the BB's. 


Removing a mode while in beta, because players are afraid of scratching the paint on their big ships is not the correct solution.


I reckon its time to suggest the same Premium consumable that I suggested during Closed Beta on WoT back before the server split between EU/NA : The "Equalize IQ" consumable. I just hope that the EU parliament and the US Congress don't veto the introduction of that consumable this time around, even though it includes a voucher for a Lobotomy surgical procedure."


This video just confirms my belief.


As usual, available in 1080p HD, and includes the complete After Battle Report at the end.




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