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Isn't Big Race is too small for t5 game?

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This seems too small for t5 ships. There is little room for DDs to move especially in multi cv games.

I think the logic of putting islands is to divide the map into 3 or more lanes like MOBA games and BBs and CVs can support across lanes and this makes it fun for players to decide where to go. But in t5 games in this map, almpst all ships can shoot from one side of the map to the other. Maybe this map should be limited for t4 and below games?

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Yea its the issue of to many planes in the air in to small a space, it really should be 1 CV per team for smaller maps, but I doubt the game is able to factor the map size into MMer choices, probably safest to say NO CV's per side at T10 and below, but that's just me :)

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