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Update 0.8.4 Bug Report Thread

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[Update] 08:00 UTC+8, 30th May 2019

Hello, Commanders!

Have you played our new 0.8.4 update? How's everything going so far?

As you've already noticed, there are several changes and improvements in this update.

We kindly ask you to report any bugs or problems on this thread. Related screenshot or replay files would be much appreciated.

Action Status!

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1. Description
Official Ports are overlapped with  Port Mods

2. Reproduction steps
1. Select a port mod


2. Apply it


3. Exit game and start the game again, the game switch back to the default one


4. Select port mod again but unable to apply it


5. The Port Mod has been stuck with the default one


6. Select another Official Ports and the name of it stuck with that Port Mod


7. Switch back the the previous one and still the same



3. Result

Unable to choose that port mod again and the name of that Port Mod stuck with any Official Ports



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come on
why u can't solve this sound problem when the rocket launcher on kaga wanna drop their rockets, that aircraft sound is gotta a big volume, that was rape my ear, are u wanna cost your money when my ear get some problem or gonna be deaf because this bug huh?
look the different volume of that sound, very not acceptable for ears 
come on fix this


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