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Naval Ports Request

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Hi WG, WOWS Dev team,

Ports and Garages are a really nice part WG games. Ports for Warships and Garages for Tanks (Since there is no warplanes in Asia region, no Hangars).
Ports add great sights and sound for tthe game. Either going in to battle or comming out after battle, customize your ship, chat with friends or clans, buy premiums, and more, ports is where you prepare your ship, celebrate on your success, or weep and rage on your defeat. Ports are 1 step to do everything. Adding great sight and sound adds more feel of comfort and joy just by looking at them and hearing the sounds of the location. It creates a good ambiance and aura and it lets the player enjoy the scenery and sound (too bad we cant smell the sea from the computer though :Smile-_tongue:).

And of course keeping the port GUI clean and simple would make things look and feel better (like in the recent update, but still needs a few tweaks :Smile_Default:).

Some ports have nice tranquil and peacful sight and sound (Zipangu):Smile_Default:
Some ports has historical  and action packed (Dunkirk):Smile_izmena:
Ports that has a busy and bustling city (New York):Smile_glasses:
Ports with a festive feel (London):Smile_bajan2:
Ports that makes the game unique on events (Space Port, Halloween Port, Azure Lane Port, Arpeggio Yokohama Port):Smile_child:
And ports that we can call "Home" (St. Petersberg - WG Russia Office):Smile_veryhappy:

I really appreciate the time and dedication the devs try to make the port's sight and sound accurate (In space no one can hear you scream). With that in mind, I would like to request the following ports be available in future updaes:

Pan Asia
Singapore (1940 - Pre Invasion)
Hong Kong (1940 - Pre Invasion)
Shanghai (1930 - Pre Invasion [New York of the East])
Li River, Guilin
Manila Bay
     (1902 - Spanish Liberation [with Intramuros in the background]) or
     (1945 - Post world war and Independence [with Intramuros in the background])
Subic Bay (1940 - Pre Invasion)
Layte Gulf (After MacArthur's landing, but before Kurita's counter attack. You may see Taffy 3 in the ocean side background. Maybe DD laying smoke in the background in preparation for counter attack)
Davao Gulf
Java Port
     (1940 - Pre Invasion) or
     (1945 - Post world war and Independence)
Saigon (1940 - Pre Invasion)
Tokyo Bay
     (1942 - Japanese ships in the background)
     (1945 - American ships in the background [with USS Missouri])
Busan Port (1950's - Evacuation or Invation preparation)

America (US)
Norfolk (US Navy HQ)
San Fransisco Bay (New York represents the East, San Fransisco represents the West [Possible NBA East vs West Conference ports])
Pearl Harbor
     (Pre-Invasion = Battleship Row, Clear Blue Skies, Ford Island in the Background) or
     (Post-Invasion = USS Arizona Sunk, USS West Virginia, USS California and USS Tennessee burning, USS Nevada burning while moving, Ford Island in Smoke, Sirens in the background, Possible Japanese bombers still bombing [more or less like Dunkirk])
Anchorage or Dutch Harbor (Its always snowing)

Pan America (Latin America and Carrebean)
Gutan Lake (Panama [near the Atlantic side Lock Gates])
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Valparaíso (Chile)
Montevideo (Uruguay - Graf Spee was scuttled here insted of surrendering to the British)
Callao (Peru)

Commonwealth of Nations
Pearth (Australia East)
Sydney (Australia West)
Darwin (Australia North)
Vancouver (Canada Pacific)
Quebec or Ontario (Canada Atlantic)
Devon Port (New Zealand)
Alexandria or Cairo (Egypt [Its hot and sunny on the day, but cool and starry at night. Palm trees, desert sand, yellow houses. I think you can see the Great Pyramids?])
False Bay (Cape of Good Hope, South Africa)

Pan Europe
The Fjord (Norway = Represents Scandinavia. Where the mighty Tirpitz was hidden)
Miinisadam (Estonia = Represents the Baltic Three)
Antwerp (Netherlands = 1944 - Post Liberation, Pre-Battle of the Buldge)
Rota (Spain)
Gdynia (Poland - Błyskawica is preserved here)
Normandie (Nothern France = 1944 - Post Invation [Ships unloading supplies in the beach.)
Tulon or Marseille (Vichy France. Sothern France)
     (1920 - Onwards = Italy)
     (1900 - 1920 = Austria Hungary)
Vladivostok and Severomorsk
     (St. Petersberg Russian Navy HQ)
     (Kronstadt represent the Baltic Fleet)
     (Black Sea represnts the Black Sea Fleet)
     (Vladivostok represents the Pacific Fleet)
     (Severomorsk represents the Northern Fleet. Its also always snowing)

Antarctica (Penguins and Walrus. 6 months day and 6 months night. For Global Warming awareness?)

The Pacific
Volcano Island
     (Calm volcano scene) or
     (Volcano exploding in the background, ash fall, projectiles crashing down.)
South Pacific Atoll (The final resting place of all WW2 ships. Nuclear test site. WAT IZ DAT?!)


Human Imagination (yes, we have creative and wild immaginations)
Bath Tub (2016 April Fools)
Aquarium (Sunken Ship with the fishies swimming around)
Museum (Scale model of the warship. Just like Yamato in Japan. Some Dinosaur bones in the background. Maybe dancing T-rex [Night at the museum])
Movie Theater (Ship will be shown in the movie screen with the film effect.
Supply collection will be claimed in the popcorn counter on the bottom floor near the exit.)
Scale Model (Non Azur Lane version.
Please also leave the sleeping kitty and/or doggie in the background.)
3D Hologram or Holographic Projector (We are in a point where we are always pushing the limits of our technology. Might as well try it. [Good reference is Iron Man 1 Movie])
Water Moon Planet (You can see Planet Neptune in the background, Planet Uranus  futher back. Is that Pluto passing by?)
Lava World (Ships floating in lava? Impossible!)
Sky World (First floating in lava, now floating in the clouds? Whats next?)
     (White Clouds + Blue Skies = Calm scenery)
     (Black Clouds + Thunderstoms = Action scenery [not for the people who hates thunderstorms])
World of Warships Office Lobby (Also a scale model.
Redemption of your supplies is with the receptionist desk [Dasha and / or Alena will assist you. Both or one of the two will assist you. If only one at a time, then they will shift once the other's shift is up and vice versa.].)

Possible Collab Request
Final Fantasy VII - Junon Naval Base
     (Rufus Parade = Naval Base celebration. Cheering sounds in the background. Is that the Highwind up there?) or
     (WEAPON Attack = When Sapphire WEAPON is attacking the Naval Base. All guns blazing with the massive cannon fireing)


Image Source: FF Fandom by Tsunamia

Final Fantasy VII - Costa del Sol

World of Warship in-house Port (Probably by premium like Naval Base)
Map: Neighbors
Location: Nothern City
Note: In game, some ships parked inside to avoid being torpedoed. It would be nice to see this small port be a real port rather than just a game port.

Map: New Dawn
Location: Small Island on the East (a small airfield is there)
Note: Ships can rest near the island. There is a sea wall protecting it from harsh waves. Sunrise and sunset scene

Note: Containers will not be opened on the Supply Ship, but rather from the Naval Aviation Cargo Planes. Something new to try out and see.

Premium Only?
Engineering Department (Naval Base is where ships are made, Engineering Department is where the ships are drawn. A scale model is usually built, hence that will be your ship view.
Supplies will come from the fileing cabinet. A human hand will replace the crane ad put it on a scale model supply ship.)
World of Wrships Developers Room (Your usual developers cubicle. A scale model ship is also there for reference and will be your ship view.
Supplies will be on the pantry where developers such as Valeria, Egor, Anton and many other Devs will be serving you your container. One or two devs will be there to serve you and they will rotate once their shift is up.)

I do wish to see some of the ports be made in the game. A place where we all can call "Home"

Edited by S0und_Theif
Adding Pacific, Human Imagination, and possible premium only naval ports

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39 minutes ago, S0und_Theif said:

Singapore (1940 - Pre Invasion)


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