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Replace Izumo (A-140 J0) to (A-140 F) and "maybe" Myogi as well

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Hi WD / WOWS dev team,

Please replace Izumo "A-140 G" to Izumo "A-140 F" while keeping the 410 mm (16.1 in)/50 gun. The Izumo name sticks as a T9 tech tree, I would like to change her current configuration from (A-140 G) to (A-140 F).


It just doesn't make sense that T8 Amagi which has 2 forward and 3 rear guns (2 able to fire straight [0 degrees traverse]), then transition to T9 Izumo (A-140 J0) 3 forward guns (2 able to fire straight[0 degrees traverse]). then transition to T10 Yamato 2 forward guns and 1 rear.

It would be a better experience and transition fron T8 to T9 to T10 if T9 is Izumo (A-140 F) rather Izumo (A-140 G). Even if her sigma value is increased, Izumo (A-140 G) is better off as a Free XP Premium.

The Izumo (A-140 G) is better off as a T8 Premium for Hull A and/or T9 Premium for Hull B and C. Like Soviet BB Lenin and UK BB Nelson. Forwaed Fireing guns is a French specialty.
The Izumo (A-140 J3) would fall as a T10. 12 - 410 mm (16.1 in)/50 guns would other T10 ships like US Montana, UK Conqueror (419 mm version), and German Grosser Kurfürst.


For Myogi, although this ship is a low tier ship, I would like to trade range and gun caliber/calibre (356 mm), for an additional 4 guns (10 guns total). Like the Ishizuchi (305 mm). Besides Kongou's original preliminary design was to arm her with 10 - 305 mm (12 in) guns.

Most of T4 has 10 to 12 guns ranging from 305 mm to 343 mm. Although Myogi has 356 mm guns, they are too few (6 guns) and too in accurate to enjoy (even if she has 20 km reach).
Plus, all scenario missions have Ishizuchi in it and no Myogi in any scenario.

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