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Killer Whale target Guns issue

OP's > Ship Turrets zoom mode issue targeting forts bases.  

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  1. 1. Target is in range, but cant raise guns to hit hit them when in turret max zoom modes.

    • Yes, I have this issue too.
    • Nope.

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Been having trouble for quite a while now.

The issue is targeting the Gun battery / forts etc in Operations, when the ships guns are well in range of the target.   

I'm looking at the a fort or gun battery lets say 12km away it can have the in range circle around the target. 

But If max zoom, or even a few steps back from max zoom. while looking in turret mode at the same target, I can only lift guns to say 10km... 


Its like while in the zoom in mode,  is locked cant raise guns any higher than sea level, the target indicator shows in range ... cant raise guns to hit them... perhaps a modules boost to range increase is lost.



On another note can there be a change so AP only ships can actually can do some damage to the forts such as a certain T6 crusier Russian one..the first parts of killer whale op is sailing along hitting and doing nothing...0

even dd with he does something.. .. 



Thanks.   o7

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