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Suspected Invisible Flak from AA DDs

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1. Description:

Sometimes when overflying a DD that has DFAA and has ambushed you with its AA, turning around within its AA range results in flak ticks being applied to your planes without any flak appearing on the screen, causing massive losses without any visual indication.


2. Reproduction Steps:

  • Approach an AA build DD that has DFAA
  • DD gets spotted and pops DFAA, ambushing the squad
  • Squad overflies the DD, trying to turn around to line up an attack
  • Then, it may take unreasonably large damage ticks quickly, much quicker than continuous DPS under DFAA.

3. Result:

Squad gets killed several times as quickly as intended without visual indications. AA DD sees flak the whole time so they can see it but not the CV.

4. Expected result:

Squad takes damage from visible flak and continuous DPS only.

5. Technical details:

Attached are 9 replays: 4 from CV PoV and 4 from AA DD PoV, training room session. One replay from a random battle from an AA Nicholas' perspective.











Additional information: It seems that the phenomenon happens in long range AA; sims is observed to have this issue.

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