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I'm currently running:

  • Main Armaments Mod 1
  • Damage Con. Sys. Mod 1
  • Aiming Sys. Mod 1
  • Steering Gears Mod 2
  • Concealment Sys. Mod 1
  • Gun Fire Ctrl. Sys. Mod 2
  • PT,AR,DE,IFHE,CE (16 pt cptn., 2 pts. unused & waiting for 1 more for Superintendent)

I played it twice and got a ~quote-and-quote~ good (50k+ and 100k+ game) only with kiting + long range HE spamming. 
Is it viable to run Donskoi with Steering Gears Mod 3 instead of Concealment mod for maximum kiting-dodging. (I always timed my shot, look who's aiming at me, and when I see "1" on PT I vanish.)

Also should I drop DE and get Superintendent instead? and use the unused 2 pts. for Expert Marksman?

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134 Battles and a DM Donskoi already wowsiees. 

If you're getting SI then i guess you can get the Steering Gears Mod 3 as well since you're getting an extra heal.

*My logic might not be sound.*

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