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Okay so I got over my dummy spit about ht ecarrier re-work - still think it is far worse than before and totally un-historical - but then so much else is in the game anyway - like the stupid smoke clouds.....

anyway so I start playing again and now my game freezes all the time for 1-4 seconds then the ship speeds up to reach where it should have been and things continue for 10-20 seconds then it freezes again. And if you happen to fire just as it freezes your shells go where they were aimed - 2 or 3 seconds ago - - FUKING ANNOYING

Plus you can;t change or start a course change while frozen

Makes the game unplayable.

Wasn't happening earlier in the week - happens on both my clients SEA and Nth America so obviously something in my computer I would say - i7-7700 3.6gz 16gb Ram 64 bit operating system

Anybody have a fix?

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Sounds like packet loss.

Try a ping test to the server, or you can try programs like WTfast to get a better ping rate to the server.

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