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Too many carriers!

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In my opinion, 2 carrier per-side games are simply -not fun-. So many planes in the air makes destroyer "gameplay" atrocious, wave after wave of planes combined with radars on too many ships means that you will be spotted nearly the entire game. Screening and spotting like a destroyer should do just gets you spotted first, you as a destroyer won't be spotting much, your carrier will, getting spotted just puts you on gtfo defense right from the start of the match. Cruisers also have to contend with being spotted most of the time so the core cruiser mechanic of holding fire under stealth until the right moment just doesn't much happen any more. In both cases, concealment rating of the ship becomes an almost useless statistic. Battleships cannot effectively use their guns with so many torpedo drops forcing them to weave around to avoid torpedoes. Yes, they are fairly easy to dodge but playing dodge the torpedoes is probably anyone's idea of what makes a battleship fun to play. Playing in 2 + 2 carrier games is like sitting in a tent full of mosquitoes, it's just not a fun thing to do.

Contrast that with no carrier games. With only other ships, a few spotter planes and a few radars around, concealment is crucial. Careful tactical maneuvering with varying spotting ranges defined by modules and skills makes battles far better and more interesting for EVERY SHIP TYPE that is not a carrier. One carrier per side limits the too often spotted/dropped chaos and allows some concealment play but I still prefer NO CARRIER matches.

So how do other players feel? Do carriers make the game more fun and interesting for you?

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