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Discrimination based on region - Silence of Wargaming

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In Korea, the purchase of a random container was stopped since last year, December, that was a unilateral notification without any alternative.

Most of the Korean users believed Wargaming ASIA, waiting for another option within a month but they didn't and just keep selling new random container.

Thanks to that, Koreans couldn't buy a British aircraft carrier container and just had sightseeing of foreigner's, now Soviet battleship.

Moreover, they've had difficulty in collecting a collection released with container compare with people who could.

But Wargaming never provides any other offering to Korean users for five months.

Wargaming should make a decision and give an alternative if the random container cannot be allowed in Korea.

Even though a few radical users insist Wargaming maintaining a racial policy with much courtesy because they've had nothing about this issue for 5 months.

Wasn't WG's one of important moto providing the same service to every server and user?

Why they don't try to solve this problem and just keep an awkward silence without any alternative?

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