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Have anyway to change graphic API from dx11 to dx9?

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When i was uprade to ver 8.3.1, the graphic API in setting lock to dx11 and i cant change back to dx9 anymore. It lead to huge amount of fps drop( From 60 to 20). I know the enhance graphic is necessary but i still use ancien laptop and cant replace it for now. I had already change information in "preferences" file to force the game run in dx9 but not worked. Have anyone know to resolve it plz let me know, thank you!


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WG have said that they won't continue the support for direct x 9.

"World of Warships is undergoing continuous development, both technically and in terms of new in-game content. Currently, graphics cards that don't support DirectX 10.1 or higher are considered to be outdated, and their characteristics don't meet our minimum system requirements. Maintaining support of outdated technology requires a lot of effort from the developers, slowing down the game's development.

Thus, with update 0.8.3, we cease our support for DirectX 9, and launching the game with DirectX 9 will no longer be possible. Players who use graphics cards that support DirectX 10.0 will still be able to launch the game, but we can't guarantee stable operation of the client, or that it will launch at all with future updates."


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I don't know if this works but it doesn't hurt to try.

There's a file "preference.xml" in wargaming installation folder. Open it and look for "GRAPHICS_API" and set the "activeOption" to 0. Save it and make the file "read-only" so the game can't change it back. If you gained fps by doing this then that's it and if not, revert the changes you made.


If you have a discrete GPU, there might be a chance that you're running it on your integrated GPU (Intel HD Graphics if you're using Intel). WG said that they'll be running the game on x64 thus they created a new executable for the game "WorldOfWarships64.exe". The control panel for the discrete GPU might looking for the original non-x64 version "WorldOfWarships.exe" and you have to change it to the new one (x64 version) so that the will run on the discrete GPU and not the integrated GPU (Intel HD Graphics for Intel).

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