***Attention : this mod is not pure made by me, i just add the missing command and reupload from Reggie old file***   🌸Haruna Kantai Collection Voiceover🌸
*Introduction "Fast battleship, Haruna, reporting for duty. You're the admiral, correct? I'm looking forward to working with you." Her Personality : Haruna has a soft, warm, humble personality. She refers to herself in the third person. Other information : Named after Mount Haruna. Sunk at her moorings on 28 July 1945 and scrapped in 1946. She was made the Emperor's Special Ship in 1928 (The Emperor's Special Ship was designated as his official means of naval transport throughout the Japanese Empire). On the 1st of February in 1929, Prince Takamatsu, the younger brother of Emperor Hirohito, was assigned to her crew. Her name was carried over by JDS Haruna, which was the first helicopter-carrying destroyer of the JMSDF.         Now let's go to the link for the mod
Haruna wa Daijoubu! (0.9.x) ✔️     How to Install:
Extract and put folder into
      *Another mod that I've been create Tashkent (Kantai Collection) Gotland (Kantai Collection) Amagiri (Kantai Collection)   *Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder Haruna (Kantai Collection) Uzuki (Kantai Collection)   🌸Good luck and fair seas🌸