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The Hermes

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I've got the Hermes and my impressions are.

Attack planes good but I need to get better at using them. What number of rocket hits would be considered a good strike? Using rockets is easy, but tricky to get good hits. I normally hit the stern of the enemy. Are there any good places to find hints on using rockets.

Bombers? Why do I get so many non penetration hits against battleships? Is this just a feature of British bombs or does it mean I'm doing something wrong.

Torpedos. Practice and more lead. And learn how to release further out!

The ship. I'm trying to learn to follow in behind the fleet so I reduce my travel time and can lend AA support. The ship can take a bit of a beating but once it starts, I'm a big target. Setting a course that follows the fleet (without going backwards, I won't be repeating the zig, zag pattern anytime soon), means setting waypoints with 45 degree turns regularly. Usually I do this after a squadron has taken off and been sent the right direction.

Strategy, scout and get my team something to shoot at. Then once the battle has started find out where the destroyers are, once that's done, blow shit up.

Any tips or hints I could use? How is the Hermes different from other carriers (those bombs?).

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