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CVs Making it Work

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I have played WoWs Blitz for the last 8 months and have almost all lines to tier 7. Got introduced to the game by a friend and well, because of bandwidth limitations, went for blitz. 

Recently I picked up Wows again (on a new account) and have been working my way through understanding it.

It's massively different in so many ways. More different than I expected and it's a bit of a learning curve (at anything but the lowest tiers , down there i do great because I know how to shoot). 

Anyway, I picked up the Hermes and I have to say, coming from the world of blitz, I much prefer the PC version. I've seen a lot of feedback that it's not perfect but I'd view it as a step in the right direction. It's way better that the top down view that makes you feel like you're playing a different game.

Are there improvements to be made, sure. But it's a lot better than that top down view. I can play those Japanese carriers and control 4 airgroups in the skies at the same time - on my phone. I was very much looking forward to using those skills on the PC with the much better inputs.

However, with the new changes, at least this means that the damage being done TO has been directed by the player itself.i have to get there, I have to aim, I have to hit.

I've seen one good comment that the damage back is random. That's true but with what I see, it's a step in the right direction.

The challenges that face Wargaming are obviously bandwidth and processing time of running AA, the risk that the difference between player directed AA and AI AA throws the whole game out of whack, and how much time and attention ship players spend on the sky.

I never see anyone address that last one. 

When you're in the thick of it and getting lined up, do you really want to be looking at the sky directing flak?

tl;dr the new planes view is a positive step , but it is very likely a step.

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you know everything you say is right, making CV work is not the problem on hand, making everybody else not working is the problem ...

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