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Feline Salem, what makes it scratch?

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I have said in other threads, I couldn't play DD or CA's in T8 because I always ended up in T10. Well buy a few crates and boom have enough coal for Salem or JB. Choices!!

OK I have a Musashi,  both Massachusetts and an Alabama which do OK (when in T10). tick.

I can use a number of 19 point captains with Salem, zero on the French side.  tick.

Highest cruiser is a Cleveland (17) Edinburgh (15) Atago (15).

Yup a T10 cruiser sounds good!!

Seems my multi role 19 point Tsar Obersky fits the bill the best till I learn a bit more.

Now my question is keep the Radar (8.5km) and everyone has 9km torps at least, or hydro?


Anyway run through a few CO_OP games and jump into a random game. woo hoo this should be fun.

Me and the only DD cap A & B and then retire south. The red team all huddled around C, and where are our team .... huddled around A cap and no one is moving. We were 800+ to their 250.

Long story short they moved and took B (I got sunk defending) and timed out with us losing 988 to 991. Tier 10 no different to any of the other at all. Admittedly there were no divisions on either side.


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While Salem's playstyle is almost akin to Des Moines', it is not entirely true. I can't deny Salem's radar is quite underperforming with such a short range. However it is still useful to get yourself a clue about the other side of the island you are hugging. But if you have trouble at dodging torpedoes, it does not really hurt to sacrifice your radar because Salem with radar is definitely not a decent DD hunter, either.

Salem's strong points are:

- The bow armor can bounce any AP shells smaller than 406mm (you can bow on against Alaska, Azuma, Jean Bart, FdG, Bourgogne, Stalingrad without taking damage unless they switch to HE).

- The superheal increases your chance to duel against them if they switch to HE because you can simply ignore the multiple fires they set, then heal it all back.

- Salem is a cruiser, Asashio can do nothing against it.

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I utilize her Super Heal by picking AR for her captain :Smile_trollface:

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