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My few thoughts on improving the game

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1. -/+1 tier Match Making

Don’t need say much about this. But if it is hard to accomplish at least more lower tiers in one game don’t throw low-tier-lone-wolf into pure high tier games.

2. Change the overmatch mechanism

There are going to be more 457mm (18inch) guns joining the game, but none of them impresses me. I think it is quite fair for 457mm guns to overmatch 32mm armors, so maybe change the 14.3 to 14.25 will bring more flavor into the game. Yamato with her dreadful accuracy still makes her the best long range sniper, while the Kreml could gain the ability to actually fight herself a way through enemies, and Conqueror with best concealment and maneuverability can be a stealth assassin , as for Georgia she can be more effective with her only 6 guns.

3. Spotting income

If DDs can’t have a good game experience, at least give them more money.

4. UI improvement

I can see WG is working on the port UI, but it is just not enough.The new UI looks simple and clean but it hadn’t changed the fact that it still freezes time to time. Honestly, WOWS’s UI is the worst UI I’ve seen among so many online games. Not saying that the UI is ugly, just it needs to be more fluent or smoother to bring better experience to players.

5. Observer mode

After all these years, wows still don’t have a proper observer mode. I like watching competitions like KotS, but without a proper OB mode it’s just not as good as it should be.

6. Maybe more. If I come up with new ideas I will add it in this thread.

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