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Hey all, so basically I’ll tell y’all about myself

I’ve played wows for a little over a year and I love it

however I am horrendous at map placement and planning

im pretty bad to sum it up and I would like some tips 

so my first line I started was the IJN line, and I enjoyed the flamethrowing style, but I’ve hit the mogami and it’s just not fun anymore

the Kagero is rlly hard to play, it’s just me, not the ship

however I love the amagi, it’s a lot of fun

i have 10  point captains for all of my IJN ships

also I just bought the space commander 11010111101001 (lol it’s a 11/10 name ik) and I’m thinking to hold o to the captain until I am ready to grind the gunboat line 🙂

also I am at t7 for the RU navy ships, shchors and Minsk 

shchors is not bad, but gets clapped and eats HE like a bitch

minsk... it’s fun with AFT and cooking ships at 14.6 km range, and on a dd is insane

i have a few premiums, tirpitz (which I need help with playstyle as well) 

atlanta is just stupid but fun

and a few more but this is getting ridiculously long

thanks in advance for any help 

have a great day everyone

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